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Barafaka Vineyards is a family business with deep roots in Nemea's vineyard, which supports the view that the art of the farmer always delivers a quality wine. The family became involved in wine making in 1980, when the small traditional wine press for the needs of the area was made. In 2004 Chris Barafakas belonging to the third generation of the family, restored the family wine press and turned it into a modern winery with new buildings at the foot of the Prophet Elijah at Nemea.

The privately owned vineyards are located in different areas of Nemea and occupy an area of 150 stremmata.The main varieties are the Agiorgitiko, the Cabernet Sauvignon, Roditis, Savatiano and Malagouzia. Yields of vines per acre are not more than 800-1000 kg and care is under the supervision of family members.

Estate Barafakas was created by Chris Barafakas. The love for the vineyard and wine was transferred from one generation to another, as the involvement with vines started by his grandparents. The first vinification of the 80-acre family vineyard started in 2002, at the Nemea region, which is one of the largest wine-growing areas of Greece, with the ambassador grape Agiorgitiko and many international grape varieties. 

In 2004, the first bottling takes place at the modern winery built at the foothill of Prophet Elijah, at Nemea. The goal is to produce quality wines exclusively from the vineyard with the typical characteristics of the microclimate of the Nemea area. All wines are produced by the estate owned vineyard of 140 acres.   

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