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Tradition, passion and experience since 1979!

In 1979 the grandfather, Michalis Kanakaris begins the production of must and wine in Eliki in Aegion, by working grape varieties of the region. Then his son, George, by putting new goals produced ​​better quality wines and made ​​them known beyond the local market. For over 20 years they went along and highlighted the particularities offered by the varieties of the region.

In 2008 they undertake dynamically, as a third generation now, Michalis and Stefanos Kanakaris, by making modernization and expansion of the winery. Both raised in the world of wine they have the will and the desire to raise the quality of their products and make them widely known. Michalis studied in the Department of Oenology and Beverage Technology in Athens and Tasting in the WSPC in Athens. Stefanos studied Marketing in Athens.
We both gain new markets, by constantly putting higher goals,
with the best quality of our products.

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