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Monsieur Nicolas Winery by G. Karamitros is the product of four generations devoted to the art of wine. With a family history of winemaking in Messenicolas that spans over a century, Giorgos Karamitros now runs the modern winery which he opened in 2000 after accepting the reigns from his successful winemaking parents, Giannis and Giannoula Karamitrou.

Giorgos Karamitros established his winery in an effort to leave his own touch on the family history, where modernization respects tradition, the personality of the winemaker, and the unique characteristics of the area. It is built on the belief that "the Art of Wine is indeed the Art of Life".

His creation became the only modern, vertically integrated winery in the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) zone, in Messenicolas, with a capacity of 400,000 bottles per year.

With carefully selected technological equipment, all stainless tanks, and temperature controlled fermentation, Giorgos Karamitros has created 9 more labels since his first release, winning dozens of awards in national and international competitions. He has penetrated foreign markets and continues to fulfill his family's dreams of making Messenicolas, the local varieties, and particularly their "Black Messenicolas" variety, famous in Greece and beyond.

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