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Bock Cellars

The Hungarian wineries we represent are producing world class wines. Our portfolio offers a selection of exceptional indigenous varietals as well as common varietals. All are appropriate for the American palate

Hungary is situated in the heart of Europe, in the lower central part of the Middle-Danube basin, surrounded by the eastern slopes of the Austrian Alps and the Carpathian Mountains. Prior to the World Wars, Hungary was known as Europe's bread basket. Agriculture and wine were abundant. Wine production is part of the food culture and every farmer from this part of the world produces their own wine. Its fertile land is an ancient sea bed from the Pannonian Sea that originally was referred to as the Carpathian Basin. It has frontiers with seven countries: Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Austria. This ancient sea bed makes the land prime for agriculture and growing premium grapes.

Its twenty-two wine regions enjoy a temperate zone, climate is typical continental, extreme weather changes are subdued by the Carpathian ranges, and the level of rainfall is optimal for wine production. In summary, this small country has all the climate and soil-related potentials to grow excellent wine-grapes.