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Grape Varieties of Greece


It is a red grape variety and is frequently referred to as “multidynamic”, since it is capable of producing a large range of styles, from refreshing rosés to concentrated sweet wines. However, the most common expressions are two: either as a young, unoaked red wine, or as a red matured in oak for at least a year.


It is a multi-purpose variety native of the island of Santorini, that maintains its acidity as it ripens. It can be compared to Reisling, and most commonly produces dry and sweet white wines.


This variety has low acidity and is one of the most ancient grapes. With thin skin and sweet and fruity juice, it produces slightly aromatic wines.


This grape produces highly aromatic white wines with medium acidity. It is grown mainly in Macedonia.


Still and sparkling whites are created with this grape type and exhibit crisp and floral characteristics.


This pink grape produces light white wines with citrus flavors.


It is a sour black grape with great aging potential and rich tannins. It is comparable to Nebbiolo and has a palate of tomato and olive flavors.