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Foivos Antidote Rosé 2017

Foivos Antidote Rosé 2017

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This wine is named after its fresh, aromatic and pleasant taste, a secret and magic antidote in your glass.

Variety: Theiako, Vostilidi, Tsaousi

Similar To: Semi-dry Rosé

Tastes Like: Bright rose color with the vibrant smell of muscat combined with aromas of wild berries and notes of white flowers; fresh, aromatic flavors and pleasant aftertaste.

Pairs With: It goes perfectly with meat (red and white), seafood, all kinds of fishes, cheese and fruits. Served at 8-10˚ C.

Alcohol: 12%

PGI Kefalonia: This wine is produced in the Protected Geographical Indication area of Kefalonia, on the Slopes of Ainos.

The Winery: Domaine Foivos