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Kadarka 2013

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PDO Villány

Wine Type: Dry red wine. A nearly extinct indigenous variety being revived by winemakers in the region. The large table grape size fruit makes it vulnerable to dropping its fruit under windy and rainy conditions. Also, it must be hand harvested to reduce loss of fruit. Under Communist rule the government demanded wineries to pull the Kadarka vines and replace with higher yielding vines, nearly bringing the Kadarka grape to extinction.

Variety: 100% Kadarka

Notes: A light red wine, with aromas and palate of raspberry and strawberries with characteristic spice notes on the palate and finish. Many would compare it to the Gamay varietal.

Vineyard & Vinification: Single Vineyard Selection - Fekete-hegy Estate., soils are Limestone and mixed loess, controlled fermentation, aged 6 months in barrique (small) barrels, Vintage time September 2012, bottled June 2013.

Alcohol: 13.7%