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Lagara White 2015

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Named after the word for “pure and clean water” to the local dialect of Abdera, the Lagara White 2015 by Vourvoukeli Estate promises to become one of your favorite white wines. With the minerality of a Sauvignon Blanc and dry fruit flavors of a Pinot Grigio, it impresses with varying levels of aromas and flavors perfect to enjoy alone or with light dishes.

Similar To: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio

Tastes Like: This dry white wine has an intense mouthfeel with refreshing acidity and rich flavors that follow that of the nose, beginning with orchard fruits such as grapefruit and peach, then tropical notes like pineapple, before ending with fresh grass and smooth minerality. There is an intense mouthfeel with refreshing acidity and a long-lasting finish.

Pairs With: Grilled fish, shrimp, salad, light cheeses, and chicken.

Alcohol: 13% 

PGI Avdira: This wine is produced in the Protected Geographical Indication area of Avdira, a fishing village situated in the district of Xanthi in Thrace. It has a long tradition of winegrowing and winemaking and is the most active winegrowing area of Thrace today.

Variety: 70% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Assyrtiko

The winery: Wines of Greece offers many wines from this innovative vineyard, Vourvoukeli Estate