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Nebbiolo 2010

Nebbiolo 2010

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Red wine lovers who crave big tannins and complex aromas and flavors will love this Greek rendition of one of Italy's most popular native varietals. Grab a few bottles because you will want to open one now and store one for later so you can experience this special wine at all its stages of aging. 

Similar To: Italian Nebbiolo 

Tastes Like: This burgundy-hued wine has concentrated aromas of black pepper, blackberry, black cherry, and characteristics of its French oak, such as vanilla, coconut, and sweet wood. A full-bodied wine with high acidity, rich but rounded tannins, very pleasing structure, and a long-lasting spicy aftertaste. A lively, complex, and age-worthy wine. 

Pairs With: This wine will complement beef, lamb, veal, mature and hard cheeses, and cooked mushrooms.  

Alcohol: 13.5% 

Variety: 100% Nebbiolo

The winery: Wines of Greece offers many wines from this family-operated vineyard located in the small mountains of Vounaina, Karipidis Estate.